Vampire Academy and Bloodlines: Main Character Overview

Be Warned: Here Be SPOILERS!!!


  1. Rosemarie Hathaway:
    The dhampir protagonist of the Vampire Academy series, which is told entirely from her perspective. Rose is 17, intelligent, sexy, training to be a guardian for Moroi, and everything you could wish for in a YA heroine. Bella Swan could learn A LOT from Rose – like how to grow a spine, for example. And she isn’t just the best fighter in a class dominated by males – she has also proved herself to be a total match for her older mentor Dimitri. And that’s saying a lot, because Dimitri is considered hands down the best guardian and Strigoi fighter anywhere in the world.
  2. Vasilisa Dragomir:
    Lissa is Rose’s best friend, as well as the Moroi that Rose hopes to be assigned to when she finally graduates from St. Vladimir’s Academy. The two of them share a spirit bond that allows Rose to see into Lissa’s thoughts – a side effect from that one time Lissa brought Rose back from the dead. (I’m not joking. YA Fantasy, remember?) Lissa is a nerd, stunningly beautiful and a natural leader. After having lost her entire family to an accident, Lissa is now the last remaining member of the Dragomirs – a unique position that makes everyone extremely protective of her.
    Lissa wields the rare elemental magic called Spirit, which gives her powers including strong compulsion and the power to heal, at the heavy price of depression and mental instability.
  3. Dimitri Belikov:
    A 24 year old Russian dhampir who is a new guardian at St. Vlad’s, Dimitri already has a reputation as a fearsome fighter and is considered practically godlike by his students. He unwillingly volunteers to give Rose Hathaway extra coaching, leading to the sparking of an attraction between the two of them. Their relationship is one of the main plot driving forces in the story, as they struggle to choose between their personal wishes and their duty to always put guarding the Moroi first. (And yeah, the 7 year age gap thing).
  4. Christian Ozera:
    One of Rose and Lissa’s classmates, Christian has always been a social outsider at the school owing to a tragic past involving his parents which has left its mark on him and his family. He falls for Lissa Dragomir, but tries to stay away from her, reasoning that the last Dragomir should ideally move in royal social circles that aren’t very welcoming of him.
    Christian is a fire user, and one of the first to push the progressive thought that the moroi learn to defend themselves using their magic, as opposed to relying so heavily on dwindling dhampir numbers to protect them.
  5. Adrian Ivashkov:
    First introduced in Frostbite, Adrian is moody, an alcoholic and a chain smoking party boy. He falls in love for the first time when he meets Rose Hathaway, but she dismisses his advances as careless flirtation, or an attempt to get her into bed. Adrian is also a Spirit user, and he and Lissa develop a strong friendship while working together to try and figure out the extents of their powers. The Bloodlines series focuses on Adrian’s life and his relationship with the Alchemist Sydney Sage, with both of them getting alternating POV chapters in the series.
  6. Sydney Sage:
    A human girl raised in an Alchemist family, Sydney views vampires and dhampirs as unnatural and evil. She is an automobile, architecture and caffeine afficionado, and eventually also realizes that she has the potential to practice human magic. In the course of her work with the Alchemists, she finds herself re-evaluating her beliefs about vampires, and eventually falls in love with Adrian Ivashkov.
  7. Edison Castile:
    Eddie is one of Rose’s best friends in school, and eventually grows up to be one of the best guardians around. In addition to being a brilliant fighter, Eddie is also unswervingly loyal and painfully dutiful. When assigned for the protection of Jill Mastrano, Eddie falls in love with her, but holds off on hopes of a relationship with her because of the differences in their races and social status. He is often referred to as “mini-Dimitri” by Adrian.
  8. Sonya Karp:
    Sonya was one of Rose and Lissa’s teachers in school, and the first Spirit user they knew about. She recognized Lissa’s abilities and tried to warn Rose about the negative effects of practising Spirit. She herself was unable to cope well with the mental instability that came along with her powers, and eventually chose to turn Strigoi in order to retain her sanity.
  9. Abe Mazur:
    Rose comes across Abe Mazur in Russia, and thinks of him as the Moroi version of a mobster. While not royal, Mazur is a highly savvy – and therefore rich – businessman and it is often implied that he is involved in a number of illegal activities. Mazur is notable for his outlandish fashion sense, his way with the ladies, and his ability to easily procure C4 explosives.
  10. Jaclyn Terwilliger:
    Jacky Terwilliger is Sydney’s history teacher and an extremely powerful witch. She notices Sydney’s potential and encourages her to practice magic. As a result, Sydney eventually joins Jacky’s coven – the Stelle.

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