In kindergarten, one of the first things we were taught to do was the “Myself”. It was a basic introductory essay – never more than five or six lines – that had the effect of teaching you how to spell your name, how old you were, and stuff like your parents’ occupations. I also like to think it gave kids training in forming their identities.

Here’s my version of an adult Myself:

I’m Sierra. I’m 22 years old, as of this writing, and I’m a law student. I’ve always found reading the ultimate escape, and my biggest dream is (you guessed it) to be a published writer. Preferably a successful one. I’m a feminist because I’m a woman, and you cannot really have the one without the other. (No, you cannot.)

I spend hours every day thinking about kyriarchy, patriarchy, rape culture, and just how female lives everywhere can be improved. (And there’s so much room for improvement that it’s just sad sometimes. A lot of the time. Okay, all the time.)

As my ideology develops, I find it seeping into everything else I do – most notably the books I read and the movies and TV shows I watch. Because I’m a great one for fandoms, and the whole thing is a lot like worlds colliding and then wandering around confusedly because they’ve given each other concussions.

This blog is an attempt to bring together some of my favourite things – reading, writing, fandoms, Tumblr, .gifs, feminism, and nit-picking. Here’s hoping it ends up being as much fun as it feels like it will be.


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