Exquisite Cadavers by Meena Kandasamy

Both the stories narrated in Exquisite Cadavers are examples of how brilliantly Kandasamy writes. On their own, neither would have been quite as arresting. But told together, in tandem, they become something much larger than themselves. The charisma of each of these stories is magnified and complemented by the other.

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The Lunar Chronicles #4 – Winter

The Lunar Chronicles takes familiar fairy tales, adroitly tailors them to fit a cyberpunk-fantasy setting, and writes them to suit modern audiences. But there's nothing special about the series to spark interest if you're a veteran reader of YA and YA Fantasy.

The Rising Revolution #1 – The Killing Plot

The Killing Plot is a light read made up of common YA fare. It sets up for an interesting universe, but isn't very strong as a standalone novel. Hopefully the sequel will build on this.

Traveler’s Gate #3 – City of Light

City of Light has depth and compassion as its core values. It x-rays those human qualities that are our most aspirational, and lays bare a practical view of what the world would look like if they were perfectly embodied.

Zoon Garden by Jordan O’Donnell

Zoon Garden is a well written book. Spiritual overtones coexist with thoughtful descriptions of the birth, growth and escalation of conflict. However, the book is too big picture and shorn of context.

Discworld #8 – Guards! Guards!

Guards! Guards! is an unmistakably heart-warming story of the underdog achieving victory against insurmountable odds. As always, come for the punny and sarcastic humour, stay for the insights into human nature. Five stars.

Bloodchild by Octavia Butler

Butler has written us a marvellous and haunting story of love and desperation, of fear and codependency. Of things alien and yet just as human as anything we have grown up around. A terrific flight of imagination that ensure this book will remain a lifelong favourite for readers of the genre.

Heroes of Olympus #2 – The Son of Neptune

It's a book that brings back an old, strong favourite - The Favourite - and uses his platform to usher in new, strong and powerful demigods with unique skillsets and different philosophical dilemmas to resolve. The Percy Jackson universe just got a whole lot richer.

Traveler’s Gate #2 – The Crimson Vault

As always, Will writes superb action sequences, and his knack for ramping up the stakes elevates this book from merely enjoyable to amazing. All the while, he also maintains the book's sense of humour, bringing in lightness without degrading the seriousness implicit in the scenes of war and murder all around.

Frith Chronicles #1 – Knightmare Arcanist

A good book, but the book's official synopsis giving away the entire story is a bit off putting. And ultimately, it's a bit like reading a fleshed out outline of a story. You understand what's happened, you like it, but there just isn't enough time to sink in and enjoy it.

GameWorld Trilogy #2 – The Manticore’s Secret

The Manticore's Secret is as well written and replete with puns and literary references as its predecessor. However, it tends to be long winded in parts, and seems to do more work towards setting the scene for Book 3 than it does towards standing on its own legs as a story.

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